Our Mission. Our Purpose. Our Vision.

 Green Peak Wellness is a company created up by a husband and wife team who have a passion for natural and holistic health. We have been working together for a long time in order to bring a range of products to the market that deliver a number of key benefits. First of all, Green Peak Wellness products are designed to give measurable results in terms of making people feel better holistically. As a result, those who use the products have a greater opportunity to also perform better on a daily basis. After all, when we feel good on the inside, we tend to perform better on the outside. Secondly, we wanted to make sure that our products do not cause any damage to nature. Not just that, we actually want to improve the world around us by using the awesome power of bees. 

The Power of Bees and Ethically Harvested Honey

A bee is a small, little insect and one that many of us have some degree of fear of. For some of us, this is due to allergies, but others simply worry about getting stung and experiencing the associated pain. However, the reality is that, had it not been for bees, it is likely that humans would never have inhabited the planet. And if bees go away, we will probably not be able to continue to live on earth either. It is thanks to bees that we have flowers and that these flowers are able to reproduce through pollination. Indeed, our interconnection with bees is stronger than most people will ever realize.

Flowers and roots are one of nature's most beautiful gifts to us. Indeed, there are various religious and ancient texts that discuss how important plants actually are, often being referred to as nourishment for the soul. Without plants, our planet would be a dark, desolate and unlivable place. But the bees do more as well! Besides pollinating our flowers in one of the most biodiverse ways (due to the fact that a bee will make a stop at different species of flowers), bees also create honey. This is one of nature's most important natural medicines and sweeteners. It helps in a range of ailments and it tastes good to top it off. Honey is a truly magical substance, one that, just like bees themselves, has played a very important role in the development and evolution of mankind. 

Our Vocal Eze throat spray has been around for a long time. We have long been creating natural products for our personal use. After doing this for a number of years and noticing the many benefits that these products created, we decided to release our wonderful products to the general market. However, it was very important to make sure we stuck with our ethos of being natural and beneficial to our planet. This is one of the reasons why it has taken us a considerable amount of time before actually marketing our all-natural products.

Being Natural and Green
One of the main focuses of Green Peak Wellness is to be green and natural and serve the Earth. As shown, we have policies and methods in place to make sure the bees aren't overfarmed or harmed, and we make sure that all products are completely fresh. However, we wanted to take this further. One of the other decisions we made because of this was to keep our labeling and packaging simple and clean. We want to be friendly to the earth at every step of the way, which means there is no need to use unnecessary colorants and inks on our packaging materials. Similarly, in our products themselves, there are no harsh chemicals or other product that could actually be harmful to our customers or the environment as a whole.

History of Our Flagship Product: Vocal Eze
Green Peak Wellness's flagship product is the Vocal Eze throat spray. Sore throat remedies that are safe and free of chemicals are far and few between. Many are laced with unnatural ingredients that can do more harm than good. We hoped for something better. Our clients were professional singers and, also being normal people, we appreciated the idea of something entirely healthy to address a sore throat also.
Vocal Eze® was developed originally in 2000, with the A&R Department of Sony Music in Nashville and artists at the County Music Awards (CMA). Vocal Eze origniated from a holisitc practitioner having been on the road taking care of music artists since 1996, when one day she was asked if she knew how to get rid of a sore throat. That's when the research started to formulate the best sore throat remedy for singers which also naturally lubricated and did not have alcohol and therefore wouldn't dry out the throat.
Vocal Eze® developed as a glycerin-based answer for sore  and overused throats that would soothe and protect dry, scratchy and irritated throats effortlessly and without unnatural side effects. With eight herbs that address concerns of the lungs and throat, Vocal Eze® quickly became THE choice for national recording artists. Based purely on its extraordinary performance, it earned early endorsements from Rob Thomas, Tim McGraw and Joss Stone.
Since its introduction into the market of sore throat remedies, it has become a favorite of teachers, preachers, singers, TV anchors, speakers, and other individuals who make their living using their voices. It has been featured on TV in “Nashville Star”, in the movie “Fame”, on Broadway in “Rain” and “Les Miserables”, in music festivals like “Rothberry”, the Country Music Summer show in Nashville and has earned a host of other famous fans like Normal Lear and Anna Getty, to name a few. Vocal Eze® was the first herbal throat spray to be offered for sale in music stores in the U.S. and U.K. Over the last 13 years, Vocal Eze® has been the top seller in that channel for sore throat remedies for singers and other professionals.  It is our mission in life, to create great products that not only are effective but taste good and are affordable. When a kid says they like how it tastes and actually want it even when they don’t have a sore throat, we know we must be doing something right! If you have the choice of all the sore throat remedies on the market today, I hope you choose this wonderfully natural, organic product that is a diamond in the rough.

Green Peak Wellness really wants to make a difference to the world. We want to help people on an individual level feel and perform better both inside and out. At the same time,  we want to contribute to the planet by ensuring our ingredients stay natural and chemical free.  By being all natural, we ensure not only that no further damage is done to the planet, but that there are actually benefits. As a company, we understand that we have a responsibility to the world and we encourage you to step up and work with us to make this planet a better place. 

- Mel + Kate